Sunday, March 4, 2007

Where we are at this moment in time...

Amber and I were married 8/7/99 in Salt Lake City, Utah. We immediately moved to Boise, Idaho were I was attending Boise State University. After two semesters Amber convinced me to move to Utah to be closer to her family. I only consented to go if I was able to successfully transfer to the University of Utah, which I did. Amber graduated from the U of U in Business Adminstration and I got my Bachelor's in Nursing. During that time Amber gave birth to our two saving angels Chelsea (8/3/01) and Lauren (8/16/03). In '03 we moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after graduation so I could work in a medical intensive care unit at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian. While working as a nurse, I was accepted to the University of Cincinnati's Master's program in Nursing Anesthesia. So we had to leave our beloved Pittsburgh for Cincinnati in 1/05. I'll be finished with my Master's 12/07 and we all hope to leave Cincinnati as soon as possible. In the meantime we're expecting our third girl at the end of this April. Amber has been a saint through all of this. I owe her big time.

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