Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Great Danes

As you know, I tend to gravitate towards things european. I speak German, I follow european soccer daily, and I like a lot of music that comes out of places like Great Britain and Sweden (this is other music besides ABBA that comes from Sweden). For nearly a year I've been obsessed with a band out of Denmark called Mew. And I think it is time that everyone gains the same appreciation that I do in regards to their music. Take all the things you love about Radiohead, Depeche Mode, and Sigur Ros and you have Mew. They have a very unique sound that often uses dischord with a driving or atmospheric melody. If you listen to them, you'll love 'em. In addition to Mew are their friends in Tiger Baby. They are more of an electronic/pop/indie group fronted by Pernille Pang who has a voice of an angel. However, for some their sound my be a little too european/discotheque for some. I'm sure they're right up my sister's alley. So give Denmark a chance. They use wind power, believe in mermaids, and have great music.

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Jen said...

Hi Larry, thanks for the comment on my blog about Mew. I listened to them from their myspace page today and really liked them. Of course it was only 4 songs, but those 4 songs were great. They have that nice smooth electronic sound, but with just enough rock infused to make things interesting. I'm pretty sure i'm going to be a fan, I'll ask Tac to order them from itunes tonight. I like Tiger Baby too, my sister in law got me into them.
I have a band that I am just sure more people in America should love as well, they are called The Mummers. I don't know if they are your thing, but you should check them out. I'm on a mission- if enough of us like them, maybe they will come to the U.S. in concert.