Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Sounds and JenX

I like music. So I would like to share yet another european band that I listen to. I've been reluctant to share this little gem, because the music is so pop. That would totally ruin my hardcore/indie/anti-establishment image that I have of myself. Now, I can't afford to let people think I've sold out (or is it soul doubt?), right? Whatever. So, I really like this band out of Sweden called the Sounds. I've been listening to them for a while now. They're a near carbon copy of Blondie. Just a bit more provocative. They always seem to pull me out of a bad mood as I drive my car. Check 'em out.

On a side note... For those of you that like music that others might not have yet caught onto, please visit my friend Jen's website at http://www.jenxmusic.com/. She has turned me onto bands including Bryan Scary and the Shredded Tears, The Honorary Title, and Inkwell.

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