Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reluctantly Adding to the Problem

Last week Amber's beloved car had to be traded in for a new car. The radiator developed a large crack shooting steam and radiator fluid out the front of the car. And who knows what other damage occured to the engine. She had it for 10 years and we were planning on getting her a new car anyway (next year). So we were forced to prematurely buy a new (used) car. We made sure it was what Amber wanted since we're the type to drive a car until you can't drive it anymore. It was a '04 Honda Pilot that we got. We could have got a mini-van, but I wasn't so willing to throw my youth away so early. Instead we settled on a gas-guzzling SUV. For this, I feel bad. I talk the good talk, but I don't walk the walk. We did actually need something larger so Amber could transport the 3 girls. However, I'm sure we could have tried harder to find something less polluting, but at the risk of losing all the fun little gadgets we enjoy with the Pilot. I guess that is why our society is in a pinch. We sacrifice our future for little comforts. I promise to do better next time around. There is currently talk in D.C. about requiring car manufacturers to produce cars that have a m.p.g. of 35 or greater. That would be great. Although, I would like us to eliminate combustable engines as a whole and rely on electricity. Like that will ever happen. I guess I'll forever be the optimist.
Song of the Day: Dirty Old Town (sung by Larry Mullen Jr.) by U2


Jen said...

Hey Larry, we just broke down and bought a mini van earlier this year. And it was not fun shopping for it, I had a very bad attitude. But on the drive home I was already in love. It is so cool having all that room, but your SUV sounds really fun and way cooler looking than our white Kea van. It does have a little Pumpkins sticker on the back though :)All that tells people really though is that I have lots of kids and I'm old. ha ha

Jen said...

me again, i should probably just have emailed this question to you, but this was so much easier..are you and Amber thinking about going to any of the European Cup soccer games? When do you graduate? We have just begun thinking it might be really fun to take the fam and see a soccer game, but I refuse to take our kids to Africa because i'm a paranoid freak, plus I would rather go to Europe. Instead of doing a lot of internet research I just figured I would ask you what you know about it. Plus the Keisters and the Andersons at a soccer game together in Europe could be a lot of fun.

royalkeister said...

I'll be done with school (finally) in December. Next year Amber and I are actually planning on a short trip to Hamburg, Germany. We're hoping on catching a game there. However, we won't be taking the kids. We can't afford to take all of us right now. It'll be my first time back in 10 years. I'm not sure when we'll take the girls to Europe. We may wait awhile until Sydney gets a little older. I don't know. I've been to 3 professional soccer games in Germany and I'm not sure I would take the girls at this age. The crowds can be pretty hostile on game day, despite being "civilized" nations. Africa may be the safest bet (I'll be there for the world cup too in 2010). Really, any place can be a risk, but incredibly fun. I am personally going to wait until the girls are quite a bit older. That way your boys'll be big enough to help fend off the hooligans from my daughters! The safest bet: the MLS (although the quality of soccer is definitely sub-par in comparison to Europe).