Friday, September 19, 2008

Remnants of Ike

Last Sunday we had the remnants of hurricane Ike blow through Cincinnati. There were sustained winds of 45-55 mph with gusts up 80mph. Being a weirdo, I thought it was cool. We lost our power. Some trees fell down. Blah, blah, blah. I though I saw worse when the remnants of hurricane Ivan came through Pittsburgh in 2004.
Well, Ike caused more problems than I gave it credit. We just got our power back today after 5 days without it. During this time we all were pretty cranky. Some people only had loss of power for a few hours, but our street was one of the last areas in the city because of the damage caused to a transformer. Despite all my self-pity, I must consider myself fortunate. Yeah, we lost all our food in our fridge and freezer, but the house and cars were not damaged. I also consider myself lucky that a giant tree didn't decide to do a Lambeau Leap onto our house (see the poor souls 3 miles from us in the above picture). I can't imagine the hardship for everyone in Texas. So, having survived a hurricane, sort of, I'm ready to see a tornado.

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