Friday, October 17, 2008

The Death of Pepe'

Sometime after bedtime, right before "the Office"...

Chelsea: Daddy, one of our fish died!
Me: ...
Chelsea: (very concerned) One of our fish died! Come look!
Me: Uh, looks like he swam too close to the filter and got stuck.
Chelsea: Why did he do that?
Me: He just made a wrong decision, that's all.
Chelsea: He didn't listen to the other fish when they told him not to swim so close?
Me: I guess.
Chelsea: Didn't he know he could die?
Me: I dunno.
Chelsea: He should have listened to the other fish.

As I try to "fish" Pepe' the dead fish out of the aquarium, I make a big mess cuz he falls all the way to the bottom, thus amusing Lauren greatly. I take him to the toilet and flush him down unceremoniously.

Chelsea: Serves him right for not listening to the other fish. Sorry you lost your fish dad.
Me: Thanks.

Song of the Day: Above and Below by the Bravery

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