Monday, January 19, 2009

Question: Larry, why are you and Amber such big fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers? You're from the west!

Yeah, me and Amber are huge Pittsburgh Steelers fans. We're also clearly trying to brainwash our daughters into becoming ones too. However, some have criticised us because we currently live in Cincinnati, are originally from Idaho, and don't have the deepest Pittsburgh roots. So I offer up this explanation:

1. We did live in Pittsburgh. However, it was a short stay because we had to move to Cincy so I could work on my Master's degree. I believe we lived there for about a year and a half. We loved our time there, the friendships we made, and all that the area had to offer. It was a growing time for Amber and I, because we were on our own without our families, so it was a real bonding time for us. We always had the support and care we needed from our friends in our neighborhood, church, and work.
2. Black and Gold looks real cool.
3. The Cincinnati Bengals stink, their organization stinks, and they look like clowns in their lame uniforms. There are a lot of Bengals fans who are not renewing their season tickets. The Bengals embarrass the people of Cincinnati.
4. Our former home-teacher from Church, Chris Hoke, plays for the Steelers. So we always like to see him play and do well.
5. Pittsburgh is one of our favorite places in the world. They have Andy Warhol, the PGH Penguins, Primanti's, the Strip, the Carnegie museums, the three rivers, and on and on and on. We will always be yinzers at heart.
6. Steelers Nation is so fun to be a part of. Steelers fans are nearly as rabid and insane as European soccer fans. There is a real sense of community.
7. And mostly, every time the Steelers win, it feels like a win for the city. And it is the city of Pittsburgh that we are truly fans of. The Steelers and their organization embodies what Pittsburgh and it's inhabitants represent: hard working, blue-collar, and family oriented ideals.

So that is in a nutshell why we will remain Steeler fans. I can go on forever giving more reasons, but I'm sure I've done that do many of you already, so I'll spare you this time.

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