Friday, March 27, 2009

Road to Phoenix- Route 66

Last week we said our good-byes and watched the movers pack our junk in a big semi bound for our new home in Phoenix, AZ (Gilbert actually). Then early Monday morning we set off on a three day adventure with two cars and a GPS to guide the way. Starting in Ohio, we traveled through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and then Arizona. Much of the trip was spent on the historical route 66, although much of it is now I-40.

Our first over-night stop was in Springfield, MO. The hotel clerk told us check was at noon, but offered to let us stay longer because a mighty storm front was coming. Nope, we had a schedule to keep, so in the morning we were headed to Oklahoma. The moment we hit OK, we saw a dense dark wall of rain with cars literally disappearing into it. There were no tornadoes, but the intensity of the rain/wind/lightning really freaked out the girls. All I could see were the taillights a slow moving semi that I was hugging maybe 12 feet away. This continued for about 30min until it started to let up. Then it was clear skies the rest of the way to AZ.

We stopped at a Cherokee "trading post" in OK, although I didn't see any Cherokee's, but we saw 2 buffaloes! Then we stopped in Amarillo, TX for the night and had dinner at the "Big Texan", a route 66 attraction. They have their world famous 72 oz. steak. I wasn't brave enough to go for it. No way, did I want that sitting in my gut the next day. We did find it funny that the waiters/waitresses were required to say forced "howdys" and "y'alls".

The next day took us to AZ. However, not before we took a long stretch of route 66 through New Mexico. In an area called "the Narrows", I saw my first natural arch. Then in AZ, on highway 60, we unexpectedly ran into the Salt River Canyon. It was alarmingly breath taking. I can't believe that the Grand Canyon is supposed to be bigger and more beautiful than the Salt River Canyon. I look forward to going one day.

So we arrived safely in Phoenix. I start my new job next week and the girls have started school already. Its a new adventure for us. Hope its a positive one.

Buffaloes in Oklahoma

Outside the "Big Texan" restaurant in Amarillo, TX. Everything is bigger in TX. Especially the kitsch.

Heart attack on a platter. The 72 oz. steak.

Natural arch on route 66 in New Mexico

Salt River Canyon, AZ


Ratchfords said...

We love the Big Texan! Not exactly for the food, but let's face it, there just weren't many attractions around Amarillo to take our families to when they came for a visit! Our Christmas picture one year was in the giant rocking chair.

I'm glad your trip went well. Hope you guys are happy and getting all settled in!

Betsy said...

Hi Larry...I'm a friend of Amber's...The Big Texan is quite a place. The guestbook of who has eaten the 72 ouncer is quite the read! Good luck with the new job.