Friday, August 7, 2009

Mix Tape: 10th Wedding Anniversay Edition

Today Amber and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Our bond began with our common interest in music. She found me sitting in her apartment that she shared with my sister's friend Mega-deth (Meredith). I was playing the guitar looking my usual hot self. She soon began stalking me and I succumbed to her advances. For real, we all know I got the better deal out of the situation. She is a far better person than I.

So, every year I make a mix CD for our anny. I actually agonize over it for months trying to get the perfect mix. Here is this year's mix with explainations why I chose each song.

1. You're So Rad by the Bouncing Souls: The word "rad" isn't used enough. Rad rhymes with dad, mad, plaid, triad, ad, sad, and nads. All of which are used in this lovely ode to someone being rad. Amber is indeed rad.

2. Midnight Sun by the Sounds: A new song from their latest album. Amber likes this album, Crossing the Rubicon, better than the others. Its a song about someone pining for someone, blah, blah, blah. Great tune though.

3. Hysteric by Yeah Yeah Yeahs: The YYY's are the coolest band in rock right now. Karen O is the coolest rock-chick in rock right now. So, of course I give Amber only what is coolest. This is one of Amber's favorite songs from the YYY's. I was gonna put on their song Maps. But this mix is for Ambi, not me.

4. Human by the Killers: Nothing romantic in this song. Just a fun song from one of Amber's favorite bands. I always like to sing "Are we human or are we Amber?". Amber puts up with a lot.

5. Love My Way by Psychedelic Furs: This is the live version. This got Amber and I talking about John Hughes (R.I.P.) today and what great taste in music he had. We love those 80's brat pack films.

6. Rather Be by the Verve: One of the greatest bands to walk the planet. Nowhere I'd rather be than with Amber sharing my highs and lows.

7. Somebody by Depeche Mode: Amber and I first hit it off over both of us liking DM. I used to sing her this song when we dated.

8. To the End by Blur: A very honest song about relationships. 10 years of marriage isn't all romance and thrills. We fight and argue, we act selfish. What matters is that we always move forward and apologize. That is what this song is about. Great song. Epic band.

9. Perfect Day by Lou Reed: Very simple song by a legend. Some of my best times with Amber are spent doing absolutely nothing.

10. Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros: I love this song. If Amber was a song, this is the song she would be. Its like fresh clean rain on my face standing on a northern beach. Amber's eyes sparkle on a cloudy day. All three of our girls got that from her.

11. Somebody To Love by Queen: We like Queen and this song seemed appropriate. I could care less about folks opinions about Freddy Mercury. He was one of the greatest performers in the last century.

12. Angels by Robbie Williams: A guilty pleasure for us. Yes, he was in a boy-band. So, that kinda squashes any cred I had. I bought this CD when we were dating and I used to sing this to her too.

Here's to another ten years full of ups and downs. I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else.


Ratchfords said...

I'm going to have to find and listen to about half of these! I love both of your tastes in music!

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples in this world!

The Keister Family said...

I love this music mix almost as much as I love you! Thanks for being the best.

Mom Bell said...

Larry- It can't be 10 years. You certainly aren't boring. I really loved the sweet comments you made with each song you picked. You just swept Amber off her feet. Now look at those 4 precious girls you have. Lucky-lucky!!!!!!