Sunday, October 18, 2009

Date Night with Amber- The Sounds Concert

Last Friday, I finally got a date night with Amber. These are usually few are far between because of my lousy job and being busy parent.

So we jumped at the chance to see one of our musical guilty pleasures, the Sounds. Earlier in the day, I spotted their tour bus at an intersection and decided to stalk it all the way to the venue. The girls were in the care and love the thrill ride and possibility of meeting rock stars. When the bus pulled up to the venue, Amber asked the tour manager if the Sounds were indeed in the bus. He said it was, only they were sleeping still and he didn't want to wake them. However, he assured us that if we lingered after the concert there was a good chance that we could meet the band. The girls were bummed because they didn't meet that band, but at the same time excited that they came so close to meeting "rock stars". They screamed "Sounds rock!" all the way home.

The concert was at a smaller venue, the Marquee in Tempe. I prefer my concerts that way, more intimate. The opening band was Foxy Shazam from Cincinnati (never heard of them when we lived there). They were entertaining to say the least. I could only describe them as a mix between the talented Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears and a seizing hyena. The second band, Semi Precious Weapons, from Brooklyn were ueber-lame. The lead singer is a pathetic Lux Interior rip off. They had the crowd begging for the Sounds by the time their set was done.

The Sounds were worth the wait and price of admission. Lead singer, Maja (pronounced Maya), was always in control of the crowd while the band delivered with precision. The crowd sang along, we all danced, I lost my voice. There were no fights or brutal mosh pits. It was one of those concerts that you hoped would last all night. It wasn't the scene where I was afraid that Amber might be clobbered and everyone seemed to be in a really good mood. That is what the Sounds does to people.

After the concert we were slow to leave. I bought a vinyl for my man room wall. Then we made our way to the back of the venue to where the tour bus was. Apparently 20 other people had the same idea as us. It took only a couple of minutes before the band came out and starting talking to us. We took pictures, had them sign my record, and talked a little bit. They were very kind to us. They made sure to stop and get to know everyone. Maja even did a little video for our girls.

It was a lot of fun. I'm glad Amber had a good time too and that she was there to share the fun with me. Date night- success.

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