Saturday, July 30, 2011

12th Anniversary Mix Tape!

It's that favorite time of year when I get to express my love and admiration to my lovely wife for our wedding anniversary (August 7th). I always choose to do a mix tape because it actually requires me to be thoughtful and put forth an effort. Much better than a gift card, right? Well, I guess that depends. But I love putting these together for her. Here is this year's list!

1. Lasso by Phoenix: A band that Amber is fond of. This is a catchy song, but I promise, no lassos have ever been used in our 12 years together.

2. 24 Hours by the Sounds: If I were rich and could afford a house band, I think we would want the Sounds. Lots of good times with the Sounds as our background music. "I'm yours and the world is ours."

3. Bizarre Love Triangle covered by South: South does a great cover of this New Order song. New Order is one of the most under appreciated bands of the 80's.

4. Cameras by Matt & Kim: This song makes me think of all the good times I've had with Amber and all the good times yet to come. When playing, this song must be played loud!

5. On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz: I make no bones about being a fan of Damon Albarn (Blur, The Good Bad and the Queen, Gorillaz). And perhaps this gave me a reason to place one of his songs on a mix tape. Besides two of the founding members of the Clash play on this. How cool is that? "'Cause you're my medicine when you're close to me."

6. Teenage Demon Baby by Foxy Shazam: WHY IS FOXY SHAZAM NOT YET THE BIGGEST BAND IN THE WORLD! Love this band out of Cincinnati. A strange love song with a campy 1960's horror vibe.

7. Crossfire by Brandon Flowers: A great song from the lead singer of the Killers. It speaks to me of overcoming obstacles together.

8. Only You by Yaz: I believe that Amber is subconsciously a Vince Clark fan. Depeche Mode? Check. Erasure? Check. Yaz? Check. He is the undisputed king of the drum machine. A fine song that reminds me a little of Preston, Idaho. I wonder why.

9. Around Us by Jonsi: I couldn't do a mix tape for Amber without including Jonsi. She loves his music. He is simply one of the most brilliant musicians I've ever seen.

10. Running to Stand Still by U2: One of my favorite songs by U2. This is back when U2 could paint a picture with their music.

11. Anything to Say You're Mine by Etta James: A stark departure from the other songs on this list. But no one can sing a love song like Etta James. Her voice and style is one that cannot be copied (countless have tried).

Love you Ambi! Thanks for not kicking me to the curb these past 12 years!

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Ratchfords said...

Great list, hope you guys had a fabulous anniversary!