Thursday, August 7, 2014

Anny the 15th Mix Tape!

This year's mix-tape (CD) to Amber for our 15th wedding anniversary has a theme.  One of Amber's favorite genres of music is from the 80's.  She really digs synth-pop acts like Erasure, Depeche Mode, or stuff you'd find off of the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack.  I like to think it's a Preston, Idaho thing.  And that's cool.  I like a lot of that stuff too.  Its just seems that those Prestonians really know their obscure 80's synth-pop. My knowledge isn't as vast.  Amber has long given up the frizzy hair and poofy sleeves, but the good taste in music remains.  Here is the list:

1.  Private Idaho by the B-52's:  We're both Idaho natives.  There you go.

2.  A Little Respect by Erasure:  Amber likes this group.  I think the guy sings funny.

3.  She Drives by Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals:  No, she doesn't really drive me crazy.  She'll say she does.  Perplexed at times, yes.  Crazy, no.

4.  One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head:  Never been there, but we love Thai food.  I'm sure this song isn't about food, but chess or drag queens.  I don't know.  Good to see a guy named Murray with a hit.

5.  Can't Stand Losing You by The Police:  I wasn't gonna put "Roxanne" or "Every Breath You Take" on here, so this is my best choice.  Maybe I should have put on "King of Pain".  No, Amber would have read to much into that.

6.  Never Tear Us Apart by INXS:  Ah, a love song.  So sweet.

7.  What is Love? by Howard Jones: Classic 80's synth-pop with synth-hair.  Amber is a big fan. 

8.  Halo by Depeche Mode:  The first conversation I ever had with Amber was about Depeche Mode. Technically this song came out in 1990, but we know Depeche Mode as an 80's group.  I believe the  "Violator" album is responsible for a quarter of all births between 1990 and 1992.

9.  If You Were Here by The Thompson Twins:  Oh, how I love this song.  Can you name the film it stared in?  I'm sure many of us that grew up in that era has some memory linked to this song.

10.  I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder:  Fact #1:  I did once call Amber's phone when we were dating and sang this song on her answering machine.  Fact #2: She still has the recording.  Fact #3: You will never hear it.

Stay tuned to for next year's mix!

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