Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Explanation

Some have asked why the title of this blog is called "Royalkeister United". First, my last name is Keister and I can use it however I want. The "royalkeister" came about in 1998. I had just returned from my church mission in Germany and was sharing an apartment with my sister in Boise, Idaho while I attended Boise State University. Ev (my sis) and I got a new computer and we thought we could share a new email account. I set it up and chose the name "royalkeister" because Ev was the princess of the house and usually a royal pain. Well, Ev never used the email account and I just took it over. Since then, everything I do is under the name "royalkeister". As for the "United", most of you know I'm a lunatic for European soccer. Many English soccer team names end with "united" such as Sheffield United, Leeds United, and most famously Manchester United. So I just liked the sound of the name "Royalkeister United". And that is how the name was born. The End.

Song of the Day: Lean on Sheena by The Bouncing Souls

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