Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Great Man Gone: Wayne Delmar Bell 8/2/07

On Thursday August 2, 2007 we lost our beloved Wayne Bell. He left us quietly in his sleep with no warning. He was our father, grampa, and mentor. In my life, I have met rock-stars and seen influential politicians speak, heck I even attended a lecture by the Dalai Lama. However, their achievements pale in comparison to the imprint that Wayne has left on my and my family's lives. He was a celebrity in his own right. He served as mayor of Preston, Idaho (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) and co-owned the local newspaper. He also served in many church positions. Most of all he was the hero to his dozens grandchildren and his nine children. He was a man of enormous integrity and always had his priorities in order. We will miss him and his beautifl influence on our lives. Love you Ambi. Love you Eloise. God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

Larry, thanks for your support with all of this. You are the best! I love you!