Thursday, January 31, 2008

In the 90's...

All I wanted to be was a rock star. I played in a couple of bands and got nowhere quickly. Although, I did have a lot of fun. Dr. Burley and the Buttercups being the most epic of them all. Anyway, as musicians try to search out other musicians to start bands with they usually list what bands influence their style of play. So these are my 20 most influential albums when it came to me learning to play and write songs. Nothing terribly surprising. What are your most influential (not necessarily best) albums of the 90's?

20. Dirt- Alice in Chains (1992)
19. Elastica- Elastica (1995)
18. The Great Escape- Blur (1995)
17. Blood Sugar Sex Magik- Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)
16. Gish- Smashing Pumpkins (1991)
15. Kerplunk- Green Day (1992)
14. Parklife- Blur (1994)
13. Leche Con Carne- No Use for a Name (1995)
12. Definitely Maybe- Oasis (1994)
11. OK Computer- Radiohead (1997)
10. Siamese Dream- Smashing Pumpkins (1993)
9. Punk In Drublic- NOFX (1994)
8. Urban Hymns- The Verve (1997)
7. Hopeless Romantic- Bouncing Souls (1999)
6. Operation Ivy- Operation Ivy (1990)
5. The Bends- Radiohead (1995)
4. Apple- Mother Love Bone (1990)
3. Singles Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1992)
2. Peghead- Black Happy (1994)
1. Discography- The Ramones (1990)


Tac Anderson said...

Oh come on what about Howard's Friend? OK yeah that was basically a complete waste of time :)

royalkeister said...

I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time. It was a good lesson in what NOT to do. First, don't have a guitarist that wants every song to sound like a Metallica ballad.