Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Greatest Concert EVER!

I've seen a ton of bands play in my life. I gave up counting after 200. So in a daze of nostalgia, I tapped the back of my brain for the best concert I ever attended.

In the Spring of 1996, I was in Seattle for Spring Break. While there, my two friends (Paul and Josh) and I found out Radiohead was playing at a small club downtown called DV8 (that's original). The concert was sold out, when we got to the venue to see about tickets. As we walked toward a McDonald's some guy asked us if we were from Idaho. Perplexed, we said yes. He then offered us three tickets for ten bucks a piece (I think, they may have been cheaper). So that was it. We got to see Radiohead that night.

Now days, Radiohead is a super group that is pretty much untouchable. That night we saw them in a small club before they became the biggest band in the world. They were supporting their release of "The Bends". The sonic intensity of that concert cannot be described in words. I even got Thom Yorke's guitar pick at the end. And to top that we met the band afterward by their bus (I've got it all on video).

So that is the best concert I ever saw. However, if anyone wants to save up for my birthday present in April, I'd really like the Bouncing Souls to play at my birthday party. The End.

Song of the Day: Viva La Revolution by The Adicts

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