Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Good Season, Despite High Hopes

I'm gonna dedicate a little space on my blog to some of my favorite sports teams and their progress this year. So listen up...

Team Keister: As reported a couple of posts ago, Ambi succesfully ran the Flying Pig 5K achieving well under 35 min. Her goal was sub-40 min, so she was a success. I believe she could have made sub-30 if she hadn't decided to puke 2 or 3 times. However, I failed the team by claiming "injury and sickness". I will try to redeem myself by running the Cincinnati Reds Redlegs 5K in 3 weeks. Team Keister also plans on running the (5 time Super Bowl Champions) Pittsburgh Steelers 5K on Labor Day.

Chelsea FC: Chelsea lost the English Premier League title to Manchester United last Wednesday by tying Bolton 1-1, thus only gaining one point to their total points in the standings. Man-U went on to beat Wigan that same day, securing the most points at the end of the season, taking home the trophy. I wish and hope for a Chelsea win against Man-U in Moscow this Wednesday for the Champions League trophy. This will be the first all-English final ever in the history of the competition. Chelsea won the last time the two met each other.

Hamburger SV: Hamburg was one of the teams tipped to be a "Bayern-killer" this year. They came close, but fell off in the last few weeks of the season. Their trainer, Huub Stevens, will be returning to the Netherlands to coach PSV Eindoven, so his chronically sick wife can receive medical treatment at home. So all the speculation about a new coach brought the team down a bit, especially since it took so long to name one. Last week HSV finally named Martin Jol (who last coached Tottenham Hotspurs) as the new coach. He has a terrific repuation, but I will miss the success and mentaltity that Huub Stevens brought to HSV. As a thank you to Stevens, the team slaughtered Karlsruhe SC, 7:0 in the final game of the season.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The Stillers are awaiting the new season as defending AFC North Champs. They have the NFL's toughest schedule this season. Here's hoping for the best...

Pittsburgh Penguins: One win away from the Stanley Cup finals. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are the two most exciting young hockey players I have ever seen (I was too young to appreciate "the Great One's" rookie season).

University of Utah: I firmly believe that the U of U's gymnastics team is the most successful sport team in the history of the state of Utah. They have won 10 NCAA National Championships, and have been to the finals every year for over 20 years. What other team in Utah can claim such success? None. This year they took second at nationals, barely losing the National Championship to the University of Georgia. The Utes football team is getting ready to take the Mountain West title this year. We have a lot of returning starters and will give BYU a run for their money. I don't want to get into how much I don't like BYU and how overrated they are, it'll only create less-than-holy emotions.

So that is my sports round-up. Just remember, my teams are the best teams, cuz I said so.

Song of the Day: You Won't Make A Fool Out of Me by Flogging Molly

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