Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Say Hi To Your Mom

I've been listening to Eric Elbogen's (you've never heard of him) project for a couple of years now. Say Hi has been on a mainstay on my iPod, but I've now decided to impart to the masses my appreciation for this pseudo-band.

Say Hi claims to be inspired by "pretentious indie music". And seeing that I'm fairly pretentious myself I gravitated to Say Hi. Eric's project is a cross between new wave, stoner music, and pure northwest irony I suggest downloading "blah blah blah" which is about liking to suck blood in a sweet way.

This group (Eric has a couple of friend help him at concerts) gives me hope. Hope that I can create my own band by myself. The only band that I felt had full chemistry in was Dr. Burley and the Buttercups. Other bands I've tried to get involved with usually faltered cuz one or two of the band members felt the band had to sound like Metallica (ugh) or Phish (double ugh). So I might as well do it myself. Is 31 to old to become a rock star?

Go buy Say Hi To Your Mom. They're good. And don't forget Mommy's Day is this weekend.

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