Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flying Pigs

I'm in no way calling Amber a pig. Not after running her first 5K over the weekend. Every year, Cincinnati has it's Flying Pig Marathon. They also hold a 5K and a 10K on the Saturday before the half and full marathon. Ambi and I set a goal to run it together. Amber did much better than she gives herself credit. She completed it under 35 min. Not bad for a first 5K. As for myself, I dropped out. I have a list of excuses. They are: while training I got the flu, 2 weeks later got something that felt like Ebola creating 20-30 sores on my tongue and gums preventing me from talking an eating for 10 days (but I lost 12 pounds!), then I pulled some muscles in my back, and then I got a throat infection. So I didn't feel I was ready to run. Regardless of my pathetic state, I'm proud of Ambi for sticking to it and doing well.

We've enjoyed training for a 5K and will continue to do so throughout the year. Our next 5K will be one sponsored by the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. I don't think we're ambitious enough to do a half or full marathon. Although, I think we'd like to work up to doing 10K's.

As a side note, Ambi would have totally smoked that kid behind her, but she felt it important to stop before the finish line and puke.

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