Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cincinnati Reds "Redlegs" 5K

This morning I got my fat keister (oh boy) out of bed and ran my first 5K. After graduating with my Master's in December, I needed a new goal. My goal is shed the 30lbs I took on during 2 & 1/2 years of sedentary activity studying anesthesia. I knew an old fashioned diet wouldn't work and probably wouldn't be sustainable. A change in lifestyle would be the only way to become fit again. So, instead of starvation, Amber and I took on training for 5K's. Our goal was to run the 5K associated with the Flying Pig Marathon in May. I got hampered by some illnesses and couldn't run it, but Amber did very well. So I turned my attention to the 5K sponsored by the Cincinnati Red Major League Baseball team here.

I started training in February on the treadmills at our YMCA. At that time 0.5 miles straight running was a struggle. Now, I can run 2.5 miles straight (on treadmill) and not feel like I'm going to have a heart attack afterward. I know this simple for a lot of people, but try doing no exercise for over 2 years and then starting over again. Of course my state is my fault, but I'm trying to correct it. With a family history of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, I have to correct it.

My goal today was to get under 35 min, which I comfortably did (see at, I'm #1186). Next time, I'd like to get under 30min. I didn't run the entire way. A 5K is equal to 3.1 miles. I ran the first 1.5 miles, walked 0.6, then ran the last mile. I was afraid I might tucker out at the end and I wanted to be sure to run across the finish line.

The fun part about finishing in this race is that you get to run into the stadium on onto the field where they have the finish line. Afterward, they had a "Gapper's" run for the kids, named after the team's mascot. Lauren (Peach) was in the 4 and under group and Chels was in the 10-5yr old group. Lauren was in no mood today to run until she met the Gapper and Mr. Redlegs (another mascot). So Lauren surprised us all when she took 1st in her group. Chelsea ran very well also. She did not finish 1st (she's almost 7yr old), but did finish in the middle of the pack beating some kids older than her. We're very proud of their effort this morning. Amber didn't run, because she is still recovering from her PRK surgery for her eyes.

All in all it was a great activity for our family and we intend on making this a family tradition. It helps me live healthier and lets me be a better example to the girls. Oh yeah, and I've lost 10lbs.

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