Monday, June 16, 2008


This is the name of the playlist on my iPod for when I run. I put it on shuffle each day I run for some variety. The playlist has just over 60 songs that are fast paced or are intended to take my mind of my exhaustion. Most of the songs are from punk bands present and past. The Bouncing Souls dominates the list with the most songs. I've seen the Souls twice live, I swear they write the soundtrack to my life. So, they're my fav to keep me going and pushing harder.

Here is the list of ten songs I used to get me through the Red's 5K mentioned in the last post. I did it in celebrity iMix format to feed my ego.

Less Than Free- The Bouncing Souls: I Listen to this song at the beginning of every run. It winds me up every single time.
Little Sister- Queens of the Stone Age: I literally pace myself to the cowbell in this song.
We’re Coming Back- The Bouncing Souls: Their cover of the soccer anthem written long ago by Cock Sparrer, but better. Makes you want to shout ‘Oi!’ while running.
LCM- Children 18:3- This is actually a Christian pseudo-punk band, but this song has just enough tribal to make it on the list. Much better than Stryper!
She Sells Sanctuary- The Cult: I can’t really figure out the link between running and a song about a hooker, but the Cult rox!
Holiday- Green Day: This song caters to some of my leftist leanings. Viva la faux revolution!
­Time is Running out- Muse: I’m reminded of the need to pick up the pace with this song. Amber and my Sis LOVE Muse.
Sadie- Alkaline Trio: The plot of the song takes my mind off of the pain my legs are shooting to my brain.
Party Hard- Andrew W.K.: I can’t convince myself that running is a party, but A.W.K. can. He puts on the most fun concerts ever.
Rabbits Are Roadkill on Rt. 37- AFI: Roadkill is what I feel like the next day after running, but I love the pain.


Ryan Stutz said...

Those vids on YouTube are funny. What did you use to make them?

royalkeister said...

I got a new HP with a built in camera and effects. I got a little slap-happy last week after work and those vids were the end product.