Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Vacation

Last week we got back from our vacation. As mentioned 3 posts ago, Amber and the girls left several weeks earlier for Amber's Grandmother's funeral. So I joined them the first week of August for a week and a half of R&R, whatever. Here are some thoughts and pictures of the vacation:

We were very happy to see our friends Tac & Jen with their family. They came for Chelsea and Laurens' birthday dinner at my sister's house in Boise. They are two of the coolest people we know in the world. I'm hoping they'll join us for our trip to South Africa in 2 years for the World Cup.

My favorite part of the vacation was getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to go golfing with Brian and my Dad. My Dad just walked with us, but I think he was entertained by our lack of finesse and talent. Brian thoroughly out shot me, but I was the only who got par on one of the holes.

Floating down the Boise river was fun with the girls. It was so nice to be able to see the bottom of a river without the pollution.

Chelsea nearly drowned at my parent's apartment complex pool. None of us were watching her cuz she's pretty self-sufficient, except she can't swim. I just happened to glance at the deep end and saw Chelsea's eyes wide open under water with her struggling to stay up and swallowing water. I grabbed her in time, 10 seconds later would have been disastrous. She threw up a lot from all the water she swallowed. Apparently, she wanted to show me she was brave by doggy-paddling it out there by herself. I felt so bad.

Our whirlwind of a trip continued to SLC to Amber's Mom's house. Eloise truly has a talent with kids. Our girls love her dearly.

We got to see one of my best friends from my mission, Christy and her family. It was nice just to hang out again and talk like we use to. Her husband, Ryan, also introduced us to the video game "Rockband". He sang Radiohead's "creep" pretty well.

On the way to SLC we stopped in Preston, ID, one of my favorite places. There is a restaurant there called Big J's. They make the best milkshake in world. We visited Amber's friend Emillie (I think I spelled her name wrong) and her family. The Madsens are some of the nicest people we know.

Amber's family had their family reunion. The girls loved playing with their cousins. I spent 2 hours filling almost 200 water balloons for a water balloon war. It lasted 3 minutes. Oh well.

I feel bad for not being able to make time to see Karl-Snarl.

Amber and I got to celebrate our anniversary by going to our favorite sushi joint, Ichiban Sushi. Try the Sondra's Silver Lake roll, Pink Power roll, and Lotus roll.

We took Chelsea to see some Picasso and Monet at the U of Utah.

It was just nice to renew relationships again with friends and family. Our friend Diana stopped by to see us in Boise and spoiled us rotten, which was sweet.

I'm tired of flying, but I'm so ready for our Germany trip in October.

Here's some pics:

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Karl said...

Yeah, at least you felt bad. Next time you come and if you have time we'll have to hook up and go to Tsunami. I used to think Ichiban was the best until I went to Tsunami. Anywho, are you going to Germany for Oktoberfest? Oh and I totally agree with Big J's.