Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blitz to Pittsburgh

Today, my Sister and her family left to go home to Boise after staying with us for a week. We took them to do some typical Cincinnati things and showed them our favorite restaurants. Yet, we had to take them to our beloved Pittsburgh. We did a lot of the Pittsburgh things (visit Point State Park, the Strip, Pittsburgh Pirate game, etc), but didn't have time for all. Our main purpose for going to the "burgh" was to run the Gatorade/Steelers 5k. My goal for this race was to run the whole thing and get a better time from the Cincinnati Reds 5k that I ran in May. So here is a little bit of what happened...

Our friends, the Witzels, joined us for the race. Only Ken ran, because Diane wasn't able to due to her knee. At the end it was Ken and I sprinting to see who would come in first. We both recorded the same time at 28:26, but my name was posted above his, therefore I win this round. I'm sure there'll be a re-match.

Brian (my sister Evelyn's husband) finished four minutes ahead of me. He trained for a week. And I've been training since February!

Our friend Jaimee Hoke joined us too. She smoked all of us.

Amber achieved her goal of going a full 2 miles non-stop. I think Ev took it a bit easier because she was pushing Macy in her stoller.

We are so grateful to Maggie Gunn for watching the girls as we ran.

Both Chelsea and Peach ran their races admirably. They did not finish first (they weren't keeping track anyway), but they were satisfied that they did their best.

As for myself, I shaved 4 minutes off of last time. However, I have to admit I did stop 2 or 3 times to prevent the hurls. Apparently my diet of Buca di Beppo, Red Robin, and Primanti's Bros. did not do well with me that morning. I had been running 3 miles consistenly 3 times a week for 2 months, so I let myself down. Note to self: do not eat a mass of steak fries the night before a race.

Enough writing, here are some pics.

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