Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scary Larry's Best of Gluttony

I love food. Not the TGI Friday's/Chili's sort. It's the independent-family owned restaurants with fresh ingredients and a dash of love that I can't get enough of. Amber and I are very opinionated about our favorited joints and often have discussions about which restaurant has the best Thai, pizza, sushi, burgers, etc. So, I am going to do a "Scary Larry's Best of Gluttony". I'm mostly choosing from the places I've lived- Spokane/Coeur d'Alene, Boise, Germany, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Phoenix. I know there are some awesome establishments not located in the places I've lived. If you have a suggestion, post. I'll try anything once.

To kick this off, I'm going to start with BEST PIZZA.

Ramundo's Pizza in Hyde Park/Mt. Lookout (Cincinnati, Ohio): Amber and I strongly disagree on this. She prefers Mio's Pizza, also in Hyde Park, but I insist on Ramundo's. It is said that once you've had Ramundo's, you never go back. True. They are famous for their Ramundough Bite which is pepperoni and cheese rolled in dough, brushed with garlic, and thrown in the oven. Like most pizza places, they have their specialty pizzas (Bianco and Uncle Frank's specials), but I like to keep it simple. For me it all lies in their pizza sauce. I'm satisfied with a cheese and mushroom pizza because the sauce adds a spicy kick that puts little beads of sweat on my forhead. I love it. It is this reason that Amber prefers the tamer Mio's.

Ramundo's feels like a proper pizza joint. Its a small hole in the wall next to a UDF at a busy intersection. You'll find a horde of teenagers hanging out there after school clogging your way to the cashier. There's nothing fancy about the place, because they're focused on the pizza.

There you go, Scary Larry's Best Pizza.

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