Friday, March 26, 2010

Scary Larry's Best of Gluttony- Sandwiches

Favorite Sandwiches: (its a tie!) Deli George in Boise, Idaho and Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh, PA).

Deli George:

I won't go so much into detail on Primanti Bros since I did a post on them awhile back. Primanti's is vintage Pittsburgh. Anyone who visits the Burgh inevitably makes their way to the historic Primanti Bros on the Strip downtown (dahntahn). One look at the sandwich and you'll see it oozes blue collarness with a good dose of history. Every sandwich is the same: a slice of homemade Italian bread, tomato, coleslaw, french fries, cheese, meat, and another slice of Italian bread. One can get just about any meat they want. You can put an egg on it too if you think you need the extra protein. I'm a hot pastrami kind of guy, so that is what I prefer. The clincher for me is the coleslaw. It is has more of a vinegar kick too it. The recipe is of course a secret. Best slaw on the planet though. These sandwiches carry nearly a day's worth of calories. However, I've never met anyone who didn't walk away with a lead belly and a greater appreciation for all things Pittsburgh.

Deli George's in Boise doesn't have the history that Primanti's has, but most agree that it would fit in well with some of the finest deli's of NYC. This deli is small and it is rare that it is not wall to wall packed. In my not-so-humble opinion, Deli George is the best eats in all of Boise. George keeps it humble and all about the product. He's not gonna rush your food. The deli features a spectacular variety of gourmet sandwiches. Check out the New York, New York (pastrami again), Bella Bella Chicken Portabella, the Righteous Reuben, Pilgrim's Pride, and the best Chicken Salad sandwich in the world. Its killing me to write about this. I want to jump a plane to Deli George's right now. 100% awesomeness.

Runner up: Flancer's in Gilbert, AZ. Try the "It's About Thyme" chicken sandwich. All homemade bread.

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Ratchfords said...

Wow, I love the Best of Gluttony series going on over here. Another reason it's sad that we live so far away - you guys seem to have the same foodie fetishes that we do!

So here's two to add to your list if you're ever in Bellingham, WA.

Best spring rolls: downtown Public Market
Best pie: Peanut Butter pie from the Colophon Cafe.

I'm salivating just writing about them.