Friday, April 2, 2010

Scary Larry's Best of Gluttony- Milkshakes

Favorite Milkshakes: Big J's in Preston, Idaho

I've found that some people can be militant about who has the best milkshakes, especially those crazies in Utah. However, and I'm sure our beloved Ratchfords would agree, that Big J's make the best milkshakes ever.

Big J's main claim to fame was it's cameo in the film Napoleon Dynamite. A couple of scenes show Napoleon's brother Kip and Uncle Rico discussing their door to door sales strategery at the old Big J's while sucking down those lovely milkshakes. I doubt Napoleon's creator, Jared Hess, would have ever used Big J's as a scene back drop unless he too had a fond attachment to the joint.

Enough about Napoleon Dynamite though. Here is why Big J's is the best: the raspberry milkshake. The reason that this milkshake is so special is that they use nearby Bear Lake raspberries. These raspberries are sweeter than what you find at the grocery store. They're what you'd expect growing in your Grandma's garden. Other places that tout their milkshakes try going to the bizarre with their combinations and so on. Big J's simply uses what is local and you feel that you are experiencing a bit of the Cache Valley. I've even contemplated moving to Preston, just so I can get a Big J's milkshake when I want.

Runners-up: Iceberg and Nielsen's Frozen Custard both in the SLC area. Told you they're nutso about milkshakes in Utah.


Mom Bell said...

I'm thrilled to hear you are now moving to Preston. You make a Grandma's heart sing. When do you want me to come and help you move??

Ratchfords said...

Amen, brother.