Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scary Larry's Best of Gluttony- Burgers

Favorite Burgers: Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona

This was an extremely tough choice. In fact I only made up my mind on this 30 seconds ago. It was between Joe's and Arthur's in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. Before I tell you why I chose Joe's, let me tell you why I love Arthur's. Arthur's is an older establishment that is often overlooked in favor to Zips (no, not the franchise) Burgers a couple of miles away in Mt. Lookout as Cincinnati's best burgers. Amber and I found Zips burgers to be good, but uninspiring, similar to the overrated Hudson's burgers in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Arthur's makes 'em by hand and they don't skimp on anything. My favorite is the sinful bacon blue cheese burger. Arthur's is one of the reasons I'm still trying to lose weight from when we lived in Cincy. It is a classic neighborhood bar that does have a separate area for restauranteurs, so we could bring the kids. By the bar is a very large mural of regular customers over the years which adds to the history and connection to the area.

Now, here is why I chose Joe's Farm Grill over Arthur's: fresh picked ingredients from their own garden. When you walk up to Joe's, you don't smell fat and grease that you would at any fast food joint or Applebee's. Instead, you smell what you're supposed to smell: the Grill! When you bite into their famous Fontina Burger, you taste the grilled local beef, the garden fresh veggies, and lip-smackin' fontina cheese. Joe's has been featured on the Food Network on a number of occasions for good reason. Not only are their burgers killer, but they do pizza, and some wicked milkshakes made from fruit on their farm (the date milkshake is the best).
Joe's is the place we like to take friends and family when they come visit. I thought my sister, Evelyn, had died and gone to her happy place when she ate a Fontina burger after she ran a local race. I'm tellin' ya, Joe's gots good burgers!

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