Thursday, August 5, 2010

11th Anny Mix-Tape!

Here it is. Every year I post the "mix-tape" that I make for Amber for our wedding anniversary. Those who know the two of us would agree that Amber is the better half of this marriage. Without her, I would be much like the "comic book guy" from the Simpsons: lonely, set in my ways, obese, lame goatee, obsessively watching Simpsons and Family Guy re-runs, and my only friends would be from online gaming. Thanks for keeping me from a life of loser-dom Ambi! Love you forever and ever!

Here's the mix-tape:

1. To Lose My Life by the White Lies: "Lets grow old together and die and the same time". That is how Amber and I plan it. Great band out of England that oddly sounds a lot like Joy Division.

2. 1901 by Phoenix: I have no correlation between this song and our anniversary except that its a good song and Amber loves it. I'm sure the band is named after the bird and not the inferno that we currently reside in.

3. Thieves In the Night by Hot Chip: This is the kind of electro-pop that Amber likes.

4. Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode: Amber and I first hit it off talking about Depeche Mode when I met her in Utah. The original video for this is hilarryous.

5. Fell In Love With A Girl by the White Stripes: The title explains why I included this one. I also think Jack White is a genius.

6. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star: This may be the best love song from the 90's. I wish this band was still around. Absolutely perfect, just like Amber.

7. 11th Dimension by Julian Casablancas: 11th dimension for our 11th anny. This song is a total ear-worm. We can't enough of it. The beat, the voice, the lyrics, the retro video. One of my favorite songs of the last decade. I'm interested to hear the new Strokes album after Julian's awesome solo album.

8. Save Me by Queen: Amber saves me for all the reasons that I mentioned above. Great song and great lyrics. Like I said last year, I don't care how people feel about Freddy Mercury's personal life. He was one of the greatest rock talents ever. We love Queen in our house.

9. Connect by Foxy Shazam: Foxy is our favorite band of the moment. We've seen them twice, met them, and can't get them out of our heads no matter how hard we try. One of the best live bands ever. I think Amber actually wanted Foxy Shazam to come to our house to play for our anny, but she'll have to settle to a mix tape. She loves this song cuz its about the lead singer, Eric's, wife.

10. Sara Smile by Hall and Oates: "Its you and me foreva..." Yeah, I like Hall and Oates. Gotta problem with that? Amber doesn't. We like to sing this song in the car.

11. Home Is Where Your Heart Is by the Sounds: A fun memory with Amber was the Sounds concert with Foxy Shazam opening. Amber says I screamed like a girl throughout the concert. I deny, deny, deny.

Happy 11th Anniversary baby!

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