Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scary Larry's Best of Gluttony- BBQ

Favorite BBQ- Stacy's Smokehouse BBQ in Phoenix, Arizona

Website: www.stacyssmokehousebbq.com

Good ol' Southern BBQ done best in the scorching desert. Twice has Stacy's won best BBQ in the Phoenix Metro, has also been featured on Spike TV's "Food Dude", and was just recently named one of America's top 10 buzzworthy BBQ restaurants. All accolades that Stacy has so far received are well deserved.

Prior to moving to the Phoenix area, City BBQ in Cincinnati was our favorite. Tender meat with a little char on the outside and fantastic side dishes, especially the peach cobbler. Then we met Stacy today as Chelsea wanted ribs for her 9th birthday. Stacy's Smokehouse BBQ is everything I want a BBQ restaurant to be. The building is small and um... purple. Inside, air is saturated with the smell of slow cooked meat and Stacy's special BBQ sauce. Amber and I ordered large pork sandwiches. When it arrived the pork was generously heaped on a sesame bun and soaked in Stacy's BBQ sauce. It took a lot of smashing the sandwich down to be able to fit it in my mouth. Lauren ordered a half rack of pork ribs and Chelsea a half rack of beef ribs. The ribs were to commit a crime for. I prefer pork and Lauren was willing to let me help out eating hers. One half rack of ribs at Stacy's is equal to any full rack at any chain BBQ restaurant (i.e. Longhorn, Texas Roadhouse, etc.). Not necessarily in the number of ribs you receive, but the amount of meat on the ribs. These were huge fat ribs dunked in sauce. They could make a man grin for a week. Simply the best ribs I've ever had. Stacy's BBQ sauce is also perfect. A very small kick, but a perfect blend of garlic, paprika, sugar, cajun, salt, and the love of a good woman.

Despite the exterior of Stacy's restaurant, he isn't concerned about looks or the "overall restaurant experience". He concentrates solely on the food and we're the benefactors of his hard work. Forget about all the fancy and high profile restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Stacy's food is for real salt of the earth folk. Although, you will occasionally find a small group of business types having a power lunch there while trying to "keep it real, yo". The prices for the ribs, sandwiches, etc. are reasonable, because the portions are quite generous. However the sides, while good, are pricey. Probably to compensate for the entrees. And no proper southern BBQ is complete unless there is kool-aid. In Stacy's case, they only serve grape. Its a purple thang, y'all.

Second Place: City BBQ in Cincinnati, Ohio
Third Place: Montgomery Inn in Montgomery, Ohio

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Rachel said...

We went to City BBQ a few weeks ago and liked it better than Walt's and Pit to Plate. I don't know how we didn't know about it for so long...we were missing out.
Hope you guys are doing well!