Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sounds: Something to Die For

I love the Sounds. It is obvious that I only post on groups that I like and albums that I enjoy. I always like and enjoy the Sounds. "Something to Die For" falls right in line with their three previous albums: catchy beats, easy lyrics, and that special Swedish pop sensibility. Just like Swedish Fish, you can't help but want more after you've had the first bite. Amber and I love 'em even more after meeting them a year ago in Tempe, AZ. Possibly the nicest rock stars you'll ever meet. Some snooty critics may belittle the Sounds albums, but I won't ever put 'em down. A few songs are not intended for little ears, so we don't play those in the car. Best songs according to my daughter Chelsea are: "Better Off Dead", "Something to Die For", "Yeah Yeah Yeah", and "Dance With the Devil". Not sure if the album is necessarily something to die for, but it is certainly something to get really excited about. We're looking forward to seeing them live again to get our Swedish on!

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