Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Strokes: Angles

Last month, the Strokes blessed us with their newest album entitled "Angles". I didn't know they were still a band. Lead singer Julian Casablancas put out a fantastic solo album in '09. And that is all I knew of their whereabouts.

I remember when they first burst out on the scene in '01 with their album "Is This It". What a welcome sound they were breaking up the monotony of Nu-Metal acts that were dominating the airwaves. It felt like I was experiencing New York in 1977. After that, their other albums were kind of... 'meh'. And then they disappeared, I think.

Now they're back to the good ol' vibes of NYC art school rock. "Angles" is quite possibly their greatest album. It is a great listen front to back. And Julian Casablanca's voice is better than ever. Best songs include: "Macchu Picchu", "Under the Cover of Darkness", "Two Kinds of Happiness", "Gratisfaction", "Taken For a Fool", and "Life is Simple in the Moonlight". I know that is most the album, but its that good. Check it out for yourself.

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