Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lucky 13th Anniversary

It is that time of year for the 13th edition of the "mix-tape" I make for Amber for our wedding anniversary.  13 songs for lucky 13!

1.  Something to Die For by the Sounds:  As most of you know, we love The Sounds.  So a great song to start of the mix-tape.

2.  Love Interruption by Jack White:  Mr. White sings how he feels love should be.  Apparently, he's been burned once or twice.  Thankfully, Amber hasn't ditched me.

3.  Under the Milky Way by the Church:  Had to slip in an 80's new wave(ish) tune on the list.  I know Amber loves this genre.  Good song for night driving.

4.  Good for Great by Matt & Kim:  We are very excited for their new album coming out soon.  We love to sing along.  Good mood music.

5.  If I Can't Have You (feat. Harvey Fuqua) by Etta James:  I decided to include Etta again this year.  She sings the best love songs even if this particular song is a bit silly.

6.  Your Touch by the Black Keys:  Love music from Ohio.

7.  Under the Westway by Blur:  Brand new song from the kings of Brit-pop.  Makes me want to put my arms around Amber and watch the world slowly doom itself.  Dystopian as usual, beautiful as always.

8.   Amor Fati by Wasted Out:  Pretty song.  Very 80's-ish "The world's your goal to find".  Amber doesn't like to me talk about setting goals, so I'm going the subliminal route with this.

9.   Fljotavik by Sigur Ros:  Gorgeous piano piece by our favorite band out of Iceland.  I haven't a clue as to what the song is about.  Don't need to, their music transports.

10. Kolnidur by Jonsi:  Another Icelandic song by Sigur Ros frontman, Jonsi.  Jonsi has been Amber's favorite for the last 2 years.

11. Midnight City by M83:  Amazing song, amazing band, on heavy rotation at our house.

12. Stand by Me by Ben E. King:  An oldie, but timeless goody.  I heard this song a couple of weeks ago somewhere and knew I had to add it to this year's list.  Try to resist singing along.  You can't.

13. Crazy Thing Called Love by Queen:  Love is crazy.  Amber has put up with me for 13 years that's love and crazy at the same time.

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