Monday, July 14, 2008

An Addendum to the Last Post I Did... and a Playlist X 2

A couple of things I forgot to add to my list from my last post about becoming a hot vampire:

8. Of course you need to get bit by a vampire. That or drink the blood of the main dude vampire. Numerous films allude to these necessities (i.e. the Lost Boys, Bram Stoker's Dracula)

9. Read "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova. A good background knowledge of the grandaddy of all vampires, Vlad the Impaler, is an absolute for any respectable blood sucker.

10. Yes, you need Vitamin D (to anyone who criticized this point). My point is just because you're immortal, does not mean you're invincible (garlic, holy water, etc.). Vampires are also not immune to blood borne pathogens. Be careful who you bite. Only bite hot looking and healthy people. No promiscuous peeps or IV drug addicts. You won't die from any virus or bacteria, but you will spend an eternity feeling pretty sick. Sicko breath won't make you a hot vampire.

So, I'm leaving my vampire advice to ten steps. You can add more steps if you like. Anyway, here are 2 playlists for people who want to become vampires and for people who want to become vampire victims.

For People Who Want to Become Vampires- not all songs are specifically about vampires, but its a cool list anyway:

1. Possum Kingdom- The Toadies
2. Hysteria- Muse
3. Never Enough- The Cure
4. I Will Possess Your Heart- Death Cab for Cutie
5. In Vein- Alkaline Trio
6. These Fangs- Say Hi to Your Mom
7. Evil- Interpol
8.The Killing Moon- Echo and the Bunnymen
9. Totalimmortal- AFI
10. 156- Mew

For People Who Want to Become Vampire Victims:
1. Girlfriend in a Coma- The Smiths
2. Sweet Sweet Heartkiller- Say Hi to Your Mom
3. Many Funerals- Eisley
4. Cemeteries of London- Coldplay
5. Dead Souls- Joy Division
6. A Question of Time- Depeche Mode
7. Misery Love Company- Bryan Scary
8. Superstition- Stevie Wonder
9. Blue In the Face- Alkaline Trio
10. Hurt- Johnny Cash

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