Friday, July 18, 2008

Ambi Where Art Thou?

On Monday evening, Amber's Grandma Chandler passed away from old age. It was kind of expected, so we were somewhat prepared. Nevertheless, we will miss her. She was the definition of "cute little" grandmother. We chose Sydney's middle name, Louise, after her. She will be missed.

So, Amber is headed to Pocatello, ID (ugh!) for the funeral. Instead of flying there and back, she pushed me to let her take the girls and stay in Salt Lake with her mom until I fly in two weeks later. I have done an excessive amount of pouting and guilt-tripping, because I'm all by my lonesome for over two weeks. Its not fun being without Amber. I don't like it!

Here are ten (but not limited to) reasons why I miss Ambi:

1. She is smarter than she'll let herself believe she is.

2. She is prettier than she'll let herself believe she is.

3. On a day when the sky is clear blue, her eyes sparkle.

4. She is competitive, but she won't tell you that.

5. She listens to awesome music, much to my relief.

6. Have you seen how pretty our girls are (totally unbiased)? Yeah, they didn't get it from me.

7. Somehow she has the superpower of saving money by spending more money. Must be a chick thing.

8. She is extremely unselfish. This helps to balance out my extraordinary selfishness.

9. She is an awesome cook. I really don't want to sound like a pig or make anyone think I take advantage of this. However, she does make Thai food from scratch. I think that deserves mentioning.

10. She has always pushed me to be the best I can. Without her, I'm quite pathetic.

Since this blog mostly talks about music, last year I made a CD for our wedding anniversary. These are "our songs":

Invincible- Muse
Comforting Sounds- Mew
I Still Remember- Bloc Party
Precious- Depeche Mode
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want...- the Smiths
The Ocean- the Bravery
Home- Depeche Mode
Sonnet- the Verve
Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Bedshaped- Keane
Street Spirit (Fade Out)- Radiohead
Break the Night With Colour- Richard Ashcroft
All I Want Is You- U2


The Keister Family said...

What do I say to that? Thank you Larry! I love you more than you can imagine. I miss you more than you could miss me. Please get on the plane and come and see us.

The Ratchford Family said...

Very sweet! I can see that Amber still has the same great qualities she had 15 years ago! I think she's pretty awesome, too!