Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why we are not moving to Dallas

In the last few months we got everyone up in a lather about us moving to Dallas, Texas. The cost of living there is low, there is not state income tax, and it would be "closer" to some of Amber's brothers. I accepted a job offer from the University of Texas Southwestern and we went down to Dallas on Thanksgiving weekend to shop for homes. We could have gotten a really really nice house with good schools, shopping, etc. However, it all felt empty. What was our real motivation to move to Dallas? $. Dallas has a great standard of living and I can see why people like it there. Yet, for me it did not feel like it could be home. Our original plan after I graduated from the U of Utah was to move east, get my Master's degree and then go home to the west. Dallas is not the west and not as close to family as we would like. So we've refocused our sights to the west. We won't get the best "bang for our buck" like in Dallas, but we would be home. So sorry for getting everyone wound up about our move. On the positive side, it was good to see Ryan Stutz again and being able to meet his family.

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